"Welcome to the ranch "

"Cowboy lived in a world in their own. It's a special place.In it lives a special breed. Men who know hard work , harsh conditions , long hours a little pay. They don't endure  because of romance , aura or glamour  , which movies ,  novelists and dreamers  have glorified it to be. To them it's a trade-off. In enchange for sore shoulder , cracked-hands , blistered lips , worn out boots and old pickup trucks, being a cowboys means being able to charge at local  stores , borrow money on your name , know everybody at the high school games , answers to no  one and take success or failure as a product of one's own  initiative or lack of it. It's small paternity with many wishing to get in but few willing to pay the price.

239 Moo 15 , Moosri ., Amphour Pakchong   Nakhonratchasima  30130  Thailand.

e-mail  : Broncochet@hotmail.com ,   Jinny_Bonanza@hotmail.com

Pichet    :   (66)87-876-6269

JJ   :   (66)89-717-4041

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